Real Fish Wood Boog 65 Series 6.5"
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Are you looking for some great topwater action? Look no further, the Real Fish Wood Boog 65 Series triggers big bass. The Wood Boog is a 6.5" topwater bait that can be used for the "walk the dog technique", providing a unique action. Throw this bait in early mornings or evenings, and you just may catch a bass of a lifetime. In addition, this bait is ideal to use when bass are having a feeding frenzy off baitfish near the surface of the water. An extra great feature of this bait are the rattles in the chamber, for added bass attraction. Also, each Wood Boog comes equipped with 2 4X VMC treble hooks. Call those big bass from the depths with the Real Fish Wood Boog 65 series topwater bait.

Length: 6.5 in.

Weight: 3 oz.

Depth: Floating (surface)

  • Item #: WB065

Real Fish Wood Boog 65 Series 6.5"

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