Reaction Strike Bass Harasser 6"
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The Reaction Strike Bass Harasser does everything your favorite swimbait does plus much more. With paintjobs so real it will feel like fishing with a live trout, and a hook harness so advanced you won’t miss short biters anymore. The Bass Harasser is taking the trophy largemouth marketplace by storm.

If you're looking for huge Lunker bass, this is the ideal bait for such a special hunt. This soft swimbait is 6" long and has extremely life-like detail. Soft to the touch and has great swim action. The tail generates an abundance of vibration that bass can't resist. This is an all around true swimming soft swimbait. Get your Reaction Strike Bass Harasser today and add it to your hog hunting lure collection. Just whip it out every time you feel there's a huge toad lurking in the water, and you may just pull a new lake record!

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  • Size: 6"
  • Color: Rainbow Trout, Hitch, California Trout, Peacock
  • Fall rate:

          -very slow fall rate (5 in/sec) at nose dive


  • Item #: SWB006

Reaction Strike Bass Harasser 6"

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